An ensemble for New Music? What is this New with a capital N? Music that isn’t older than 10 years? What then happens to all those works composed before this period – do they get filed away, or belong in the repertoire of “traditional” ensembles? Is the music of the last 100 years “New”, when Schoenberg, Debussy and Stravinsky officially heralded in the Modern or New Music era? Why then are the composition styles of these composers taught more in music theory and harmony courses, than in composition classes?

These questions are our focus, not the answers. Therefore, the music played does not have to be the most recent works, but can be. A world premiere can be placed next to a repertoire piece. The crucial factor is that the pieces need to work together. In our programmes, it is about the relationship of the individual pieces to each other. They create a greater whole. Almost like an independent composition in its own right.

The idea of chamber music in smaller ensembles is applied to the large ensemble. Instrumentalists, conductors and composers are partners on a par. The goal is always chamber music interplay and synergy.


Pavel Tseliapniou: flute

Tamon Yashima: oboe

Hyunjung Kim: clarinet

N.N.: bassoon

Enrico Taubmann: saxofone

Timothy Page: french horn

Norbert Fabritius: trumpet

Karsten Süßmilch: trombone

Jan Termath: tuba

Gereon Voß: percussion

N.N.: percussion

Deborah Rawlings: piano

Stephan Wolke: elec. guitar

Constantin Herzog: double bass, elec. bass guitar

Emanuel Wittersheim: live electronics